From The Silent Ballet review of the original release: “It's fairly difficult to become notable in the ambient genre, and only a select few artists have managed this task. However, the individuals contributing to the creation of the first EP by Amman/Josh already have a fat resumé. Amman is the first name of Amman Abbasi, known by some as one half of the Abbasi Brothers. Josh refers to Josh Varnedore, who owns the art gallery in Hot Springs, Arkansas where the famed Riceboy Sleeps show took place that featured Hammock's live debut. For this reason, it is perhaps not too surprising that this EP also contains a collaboration with post-rock/ambient superstar Hammock. The gentle multiple-drone haze of first track ‘Lukka’ serves as the perfect introduction. It grows subtly, not in volume but in complexity and warmth, and ends up sounding like an audio accompaniment to the precise moment that the sun first peeks over the horizon. Third track ‘Leawood,’ represents such an achievement that it demands attention within only a few notes. Coming off as an homage to Ulrich Schnauss, the woefully short track pairs a traditional ambient backing with organ tones and note bends. In less than three minutes, ‘Leawood’ manages to instill a powerful feeling of forlorn beauty.”

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