1. Turn Away and Return

It’s a consequence of time to begin taking what is familiar for granted. Sometimes we have to let go and walk away in order to return with new gained perspective and a fresh sense of awareness. This is a reoccurring theme throughout this record. To be emptied out completely… to a sort of nothingness, becoming an open space for everything.

2. Clarity

There is always a mixture of insecurity and excitement when creating something new. We didn’t know where we wanted to go with our next record, but this song brought us some “clarity.” It was the finger pointing at the moon… It cleared away enough of the rubble for us to begin stumbling our way into “Everything and Nothing.”

3. Glassy Blue

To lose yourself in someone else… to get lost with someone else. That’s where the real magic is buried. Our days are numbered, so why waste a moment away from those who matter most? Our scars carry our secrets, and we need each other if we’re ever to let them go.

4. Dissonance

Feeling disconnected or isolated at times is a normal part of being human. When addiction gets added to the experience, the sense of isolation increases. You start by wanting to feel more at home in the world, so you indulge in something that relieves the inner dissonance. For a moment, you might feel “tuned in,” but if you're an addict... it all turns to noise.

5. Marathon Boy

This is for Martin Richard, an 8-year-old boy killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. He appeared to reach for his mom in his final moments. His story and the grief his family went through really hit us hard. The unspeakable cruelty we inflict on one another… it’s absurd. Who needs supposed “acts of god”, we’re doing ourselves in just fine. We fall silent during these times, so we create to console ourselves.

6. We Could Have Been Beautiful Again

This sounds like a Hammock song. The 6/8 tempo seems to be a sweet spot for us. There is so much nostalgia in this track. Living with the obsession of “what could have been” or the memories of “happier times” is perhaps one of the most difficult things about being a creature with consciousness… that and the omnipresence of our own impermanence. Of course that’s been a recurring theme in all of our records, no need to belabor that point anymore.

7. Everything and Nothing

I consider this and 'Clarity' to be sister pieces. Andrew sang a lot on this record… more than any of our previous releases. He sounds amazing! There is a genuine celebration of life in this track.

“We are satellites…
Endless like the sky…
Everything and Nothing.”

8. She Was in the Field Counting Stars

At one time this was going to be the album’s opening track. It’s divided into three sections. Originally there were only two but we shortened the second and added the melancholic guitar ending. Let’s all, in our own way, go out tonight, find a field to lie down in, put on headphones, listen to this song and get lost in the awareness of stars.