Everything and Nothing


“Hammock have made their most immediate, most sonorous and beautiful album to date. 8/10”Drowned in Sound

“Hammock [pushes] into fresh territories of grandeur… a wonderfully atmospheric return…”Clash Music

"Nobody sounds exactly like Hammock, and nobody mixes in the sacred along with ambient sound waves and dreamy elements like they do."The Big Takeover

"It’s difficult to determine when someone has become an icon, but Hammock may be approaching that status as they are one of the artists frequently name-checked by so many ambient, shoegaze guitar bands."John Diliberto, Echoes

With Everything and Nothing, Hammock has entered oblivion – a place of personal struggle, doubt, and change – and come out the other side; hopeful. The experience is meticulously woven into each song, shared with listeners through intricate melodies, compelling beats, and solemn vocals. In some ways, Everything and Nothing is the spiritual successor to the band’s 2006 breakout album Raising Your Voice… Trying to Stop an Echo. It recalls the same mastery of sound and storytelling, destined to spark every listener’s imagination.

Released April 1, 2016 in LP (two versions) / CD / Digital editions. Artwork photography by Takeshi Suga.