Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow


" immersive listen if played at the right volume and paid the right amount of attention...I swear it practically changes the temperature…" Pitchfork

“Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow operates outside of genre, far beyond the now obvious limitations of the dream pop/shoegaze scene Hammock cut their teeth in…” —All Music Guide

 “You can certainly see why the Sigur Ros front man is so taken with Hammock: you'd be hard-pressed to find any music under the loose banner of post-rock as unreservedly beautiful and stately as 'Mono No Aware' and 'City In The Dust On My Window'. Highly Recommended.”Boomkat 

At the invitation of Jonsí Birgisson (Sigur Ros) and Alex Somers (Jonsi & Alex), Hammock  gave their first-ever live performance at the after party celebration of the Riceboy Sleeps overseas debut art exhibition, held in Hot Springs, AR in August 2007. Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow is the studio recording of the original music written and played by Hammock for the occasion. “Studio performance” is a more accurate phrase, as the guitars for these songs were recorded live, just as the band performed them, later rounded out by Matt Slocum’s expansive, emotive cello.

“The thought of playing live for the first time ever, and on top of that, doing it in the presence of Jonsi Birgisson and Alex Somers, triggered a bit of panic in the Hammock galaxy. But it presented us with a wonderful opportunity not only to meet two artists who have meant so much to us, but also to approach our music in a totally new way. Some of the visual artists that Andrew and I admire the most will deliberately limit themselves to working within a single medium in order to challenge themselves creatively and express themselves in a new way. That’s the approach we took for both the performance and the new album.” -Marc

Released May 5, 2008. Original artwork by Jonsi & Alex as Riceboy Sleeps.