Oblivion Hymns


"Oblivion Hymns rewrites [Hammock's] script, bringing strings to the fore in a manner that would make composer Max Richter or Hammock’s peers in A Winged Victory For The Sullen proud."MAGNET

"...some of the most blissful music Clash has ever had the luxury of bathing in. [Hammock] has gone on to become one of the foremost purveyors of affecting ambient post-rock on the scene."Clash Music

"Hammock’s music draws out such powerful emotions that one can be blinded with joy even while tears blur your vision."The Big Takeover

"It's like slippers & wine to me now. And trust me when I say that's the biggest compliment possible..."Ricky Gervais

Oblivion Hymns redefines what listeners have come to expect from a Hammock record, leaving all traces of traditional rock or pop far behind and introducing the band’s unique take on neoclassical music. Bathed in intricate layers of sweeping strings, strident horns, and delicately pressed keys, Oblivion Hymns rides a cascade of sound to the farthest-reaching corners of your heart and delivers a deep emotional connection, capable of ferreting out the most precious of memories.

Oblivion Hymns is best described as an expedition across sight and sound. You won’t know where you’re headed, and you’re bound to feel drained by the end, but wherever you arrive, the journey will have been unforgettable.


Released November 26, 2013 in LP / CD / digital formats. Artwork by Amy Pleasant.