The Sleepover Series, Volume One


"While it may be one of the lesser-known works in Hammock‘s canon, it’s one of the most important...and led to a sleepover event in which concertgoers were lulled purposely to sleep. One imagines an internal struggle for the ticket holder, eager to hear the music and struggling against its intention."A Closer Listen

Conceived as an ongoing series of hypnotic, the densely layered, ambient guitars, drive this meditative song cycle and create the perfect companion to sleep and dreaming.

“The CD series was born out of an idea I had to turn a concert into a sleepover…as the night progresses, the music would become quieter and more mellow until we’re all overtaken by sleep. I’m really excited about this series…it gives me a chance to introduce a more ambient and thematic side of my music and an opportunity to collaborate with, and support, other artists by including them on upcoming volumes.” —Marc

Originally released February 7, 2006 and reissued on July 1, 2014 with new artwork by Pete Schulte.